Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grammar, Blanche! GRAMMAR!!

Today I got this lovely email from Blanche Lincoln, whose fate is in the hands of Arkansas voters tonight. It is an invitation to her “watch party” (interesting that she didn’t say “victory party”), and I was appalled to see the last paragraph, which contains a breach of basic grammar.
It’s not “Join Steve and I…,“ Blanche. It’s “Steve and ME.”
Grammar Nazi that I am, I tried to tweet about this and make a funny stink, but unfortunately I have learned from my Twit-viser, @EurekaJanet, that my string of tweets were not the easiest to make sense of. Thus, I wanted to print Blanche’s email, in its entirety for all to see. Then I invite you to go back to twitter.com and read my tweets from today @Eureka Brad and maybe they will make sense now.

Dear Brad,

Fresh off a tour of 28 counties in seven days, I just voted with Steve at our polling location. Runoff election day is here and we have a great feeling about today! But we still need your help.

Right after we voted, I recorded a short video message for you. Take some time to watch our video then find your polling location, grab a friend and go vote!

Click here to watch our video.

This is your last chance to vote! The polls close tonight at 7:30 PM.

I also hope you'll join Steve and I at our watch party tonight. It's at Next Level Events, 1400 W. Markham Street in Little Rock. We're going to kick it off at 7:30 PM.

Look forward to seeing you tonight.